Welcome to Milano Services is a flexible corporate instrument offering a complementary service to the standard relocation package by helping the Expat Managers find quick and timely answers to their personal needs so as to ensure a smooth and successful relocation.

By working closely with Human Resources departments at major multinational companies, Welcome to Milano Services offers face-to-face custom solutions for newcomers to Milan.
  • The service offered starts with a minimum 6-hour package which includes a mandatory initial meeting with the newly relocated managers to pinpoint the exact areas of interest, so that the information given can be tailored to their individual or family’s needs.
  • The packages offered can be set up according to the different levels of Management.
Adopting Welcome to Milano Services as part of corporate on-boarding also brings advantages to the company. Managers who benefit from this service will receive practical help with everyday concerns and thus be free to devote all their energies to the company, settling in more quickly and productively.

For more information about pricing and packages for companies please contact Welcome to Milano Services.