Customer Reviews
Susy Albani has supported several colleagues in our international Group, relocating to Milano. Her service has been well appreciated as it is a welcome to a new city that goes “beyond” the classical relocation support. Susy has helped them to get to enjoy their time, to discover areas of interest, addressing their personal and family needs with a special friendly touch.
G.L. (Head of Group Reward – Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. - Italy)
Susy was the first person I met in Italy and from minute one she helped me with all the bureaucratic things and all the reallocation activities needed when you arrive to a new country. She always showed a lot of dedication, helpfulness and professionality In her work. She is also a very positive and kind person which made my first days in Italy very easy going as I felt I could count on her. I only have good words about Susy as she did more than expected.
N.P. (Beiersdorf S.p.A. - Spain)
My girlfriend did enjoy the time spent with you very much and I can subsequently only highly recommend your service.
D.B. (Global Head of Human Resources - Germany)
…and all of the other things to do in this great city, just incredible. I need to quit my job! You’re very kind to put so much thought into your emails and packages. I really appreciate it.
I.C. (Group Chief Marketing Officer, US)
Du hast mir wirklich sehr weitergeholfen und ich bin sicher, dass meine Freundin deine Dienste auch in Anspruch nehmen wird.
S.B. (IT Manager, Germany)
Thank you for all the information you have provided me, I am sure it will be useful over time when the different services are needed …Thank you so much, you have been really helpful.
A.J. (Head of Group Audit, Denmark)
Thank you very much for the list and also for all the help you provided! Hope to meet you sometimes at one of those places!
K.M. (IT Manager, Serbia)
Thanks very much for these recommendations… I have no doubt your service is great asset particularly for expats with families or ‘trailing partners’ who find themselves in Milan.
D.M. (HR Manager, Great Britain)
Thank you for the information and your assistance. In case of need we will be glad to use your services in future.
L.K. (Manager’s wife Denmark)
Thanks SO much for getting back to me… I will go through all the emails and notes very carefully and will eventually follow up on all of your tips, some sooner rather than late. I really appreciate your thoroughness and your services.
L.M. (IT Manager’s wife, US)
Susy helped me a lot, we couldn’t have managed without her. I voluntarily wanted to give feedback about her because she has been extremely helpful, professional, dedicated and kind. Her dedication knows no boundaries. I am certainly going to recommend her! I know that for sure, my other expat colleagues are also very happy about her services!
Y.N. (IT-Manager, Belgium)
Susy is very friendly, dynamic and really helpful! She helped us for Italian bureaucratic stuff, she facilitated our installation in Milan. She gave us good advices on Milan (visiting the city, things to do, …). I think she has done more than it was expected.
G.V. (Group Chief Data Officer, France)
Thank you very much for all the info on cars, motorbikes, health and furniture, very useful tips and tricks.
D.G. (HR Manager, Croatia)